Taylor University Basketball Fans Do ’Silent Night’ Proud

Next week during Christmas Eve worship many of us will sing “Silent Night,” often reverently with candles in hand at the end of the service.

Basketball fans at Taylor University – a Christian college between Fort Wayne, Ind., and Indianapolis – have a different, non-traditional and, quite frankly, really cool take on the hymn.

To fully appreciate it you just need to watch the YouTube video below.

In a nutshell, Taylor plays a home game the Friday before finals week, The packed gym in completely silent until the home team scores it’s 10th point.

Then the place goes bananas.

Wild cheering erupts to a volume and intensity which replicates on a NAIA level the Cameron Crazies at Duke.

This then becomes a boisterous version of “Silent Night” led by the enthusiastic – and occasionally shirtless and wild-costumed student body.

Thanks to Jim Garringer in Taylor’s media relations department for sharing this with us and, of course, Merry Christmas.

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