Thank a Farmer

Genesis 2:8 – the Lord God planted a garden toward the east; in Eden; and there He placed the man whom He had formed. (NASB)

The car sticker read: If you ate today, thank a farmer! I come from farm stock so I know how true this is. I’m astounded by the number of folks who believe that apples originate in plastic bags, milk in boxes and lettuce in cellophane. Many a child has never seen a berry on a bush, a field of grain or even a cow. Even though much of what we eat today is devised by man out of a mixture of chemicals, without basic farmland provisions we would all starve.

It reminds me of the old joke about cloning. Men were bragging to God that they didn’t need him. They said that they could make people in test tubes.

 “Let’s have a contest,” said God.

He picked up a handful of dirt and made a man from it. When the scientists began to do the same, God stopped them.

“Oh, no,”said God. “Get your own dirt.”

Before God (the very first farmer) planted the very first garden, he first created all that he needed for it. Yes, indeed! Thank a farmer for those long hours of planting, sowing and reaping, but never forget. God provided the dirt.

Prayer: Dear Farmer God, forgive us for taking you for granted. We give ourselves credit for works that you put in place long ago. We praise ourselves for successes that are not ours. Forgive us. Amen.

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