We Are All Blessed In One Way Or Another

“Thank You, God, for the beauty around me everywhere, the gentle rain and glistening dew, the sunshine and the air.” –Helen Steiner Rice

This statement made by one of my favorite writers completely describes the feelings in my heart today. It has been one of those rainy, rather gloomy, days. But from it you can smell the freshness of the air, and see the light hitting the drops on the tree branches. Even days without sunshine display the beauty with which God has filled the world around us.

So, as the day winds down, I am reminded, with the ever changing weather, that Thanksgiving is soon to be upon us. Visions of turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie, and the people those things bring to our homes, begin lurking in the background of my mind around this time each year.  And then I begin to think about all the work it entails as well!

But the one thing that stands out in the midst of all the festivities is this: I would have nothing if I did not have God. So it is. There you have it. Wonder of wonders!

Reality is just that. And we must face our realities every day of our lives. Sometimes things don't seem so great. Other times we are on top of the world. But there is always one constant, and that is the hope we have in Jesus Christ. I know I would not be able to take a breath without Him. I also know I am weak, and petty, and selfish. He is the One who gives me His righteousness, that I might stand for Him and that I might live in freedom and walk in joy.

We are all blessed, in one way or another. I heard a friend say today that each morning she makes a “gratitude list.” I asked her what that is, and she said she has to make up her mind every day as to what attitude she will display. So she has found that making her little list helps set her mind to rights, to let her see how good her life really is, and to help her to plan her day to the glory of God. She steps out her front door with joy in her heart, and with a lightness in her step. I think it's an excellent idea. I am going to try it!

When we are thankful for the good things in our lives, we should tell God about it. We are to pray to Him, to present our petitions to Him with thanks and supplication, and we are to have faith that He hears our prayers and that they will be answered. Because He cares enough to give us the desires of our hearts, we should care enough to give them right back to Him, with gladness. Nothing pleases God more than when we tell Him how thankful we are to have Him as our Father, our friend, our everything.

So, although there are some things not quite right in my family right now, and some relationships are not as they should be, I am still thankful that my family IS my family. I am thankful that I know my God is working on my issues, at my request, and that since I can trust Him completely, He will take what was meant for evil and turn it to good. And  I am bound and determined that this Thanksgiving will be a great one, because the focus will not be on me, or my wants or needs. It will be on the One who makes all of it possible, the One who gives me a reason to rise up out of sleep every morning, prepared to tackle a new day, a new set of problems, a new variety of adventures…a new day of thanksgiving.

My prayer for you is that you will do the same. Be thankful, tell God you are, and then share what He has bestowed on you with those who either don't know Him, or who can't see through the rain. Because if one will look hard enough, and believe in the promises of God, then they cannot miss the sunshine that is always in a believer's world, even on a rainy, gloomy day.  So I pray you will look, see, and be blessed!

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