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Linking you to the top 5 Christian blog posts of the week—posts that provide robust, rich, and relevant insights for living. 

Reformation Sunday

Just in time for Reformation Sunday, Justin Taylor at Between Two Words interviews Carl Trueman about Luther’s 95 Theses. Read the fascinating historical background at Luther’s 95 Theses

Martin Luther’s Story

I’ve never listed one of my own posts among the Best of the Best. But I can “get away with it” today since: a) it’s not really me—it’s Martin Luther, b) it’s four posts in one, and c) it’s realted to Reformation Sunday. The four posts share a dramatic reading that I present in character as Martin Luther telling his story of salvation by grace alone through faith alone. To read Part 1, click on Unable to Satisfy God. To read Part 2, click on A Spiritual Pauper. To read Part 3, click Clothed by Faith. To read Part 4, click Clothed by Christ. Click on the following link for a 200-page presentation of Martin Luther’s Pastoral Counseling.To download a free copy of the entire manuscript click on Martin Luther: Here I Stand!

Why We Need to Read the End of the Story

Kevin Wax is one of the most read Christian bloggers in the world. He graciously highlights God’s Healing for Life’s Losses in his post Why We Need the Rest of the Story when we’re suffering. 

Blended, Praise, Hymns, or Contemporary Hymns?

A generation ago, if you attended church, you sang hymns. In recent years, the trend has been between contemporary praise choruses, the old hymns of the faith, or blended worship that contains both. Tim Challies provides links to several options if you are interested contemporary hymns: hymns with a modern melody yet rich in deep theology. Read his post and follow the links at Contemporary Hymns

Are You Leader Material?

Kevin DeYoung posted twenty questions from Oswald Sanders about preparation for leadership. Read Are You Ready to Be a Leader and assess your readiness. 

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