The Bible…140 Characters At a Time

OK, you knew this had to be coming.

It just took somebody with spark of an idea and a strong sense of devotion.

The idea is tweeting the Bible…one verse at a time.

It hardly seems novel on the face of it, particularly when during my several daily visits to Twitter I’ll see breathless updates on people’s laundry and the blow by blow details of European soccer matches I’m not watching.

The strong sense of devotion comes from Chris Juby, a British worship director. The challenge is to condense each verse into 140 words. Juby started 10 days ago – he just summarized Genesis 11 at about 5 a.m. EST today – and has already rounded up nearly 11,000 followers.

At this rate he’ll get to Revelation 22 in November 2013.

The downside could be in the details as Juby boils down long passages into tweets; particularly ironic considering 2011 is the 400th anniversary of the King James Version of the Bible.

“…But people – even Christians – do not tend to read the whole Bible,” Juby told his hometown newspaper. “It is perhaps regarded as a bit of an oddball thing to do. I hope in doing the summary, it will inspire people to read the Bible for themselves. My summaries are no substitute for the real thing.”

Tweet away, Chris.

You can follow Juby’s progress on Twitter at @biblesummary.

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