’The Bible’ TV Series

‘The Bible’ is the History Channel's highest rated original series ever. 70 million people watched during the first three weeks alone.

People have pre-conceived ideas about what historical people should look like. Frankly, I expected Abraham to be a shrunken 90ish guy sporting a long white beard. Nope, this Abe is a barrel-chested, virile, strong man from the dessert. Moses’ eyes positively glow with God’s purpose. Samson is a black man with the best dread locks ever. The angels are unexpected warriors. No wimpy white frocked wraiths here.

Does any of that matter? No it does not. Millions of unsaved watched this series. That means the Bible touched their lives in some way…and they are now on their own journey to discover the Christ, the Son of the living God!

Prayer- Lord, thank you for talented people like Roma Downey and Mark Burnett, the producers of the Bible, who dare to follow the path You laid out for them…and carry the message of your love in a brand new format to brand new listeners. For Christ. Amen!

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