The difference between life and T.J. Maxx

I love T.J. Maxx. Just love it! You never pay full price for anything and I am so cheap–I mean frugal–that I will even look for the clearance on top of the clearance. Now I try to stay away from there because almost always I find an amazing deal on something I didn’t already think I needed… until I saw what a great deal it was. All of a sudden I start thinking of who I could give it to…even if I’ve never exchanged gifts with this person in my life! I will come usually come to my senses before I make it to the check-out line. A combination of my grandfather’s voice and Dave Ramsey’s reminding me that “A deal isn’t a deal unless you can actually afford it.” I just want others to know what I’ve found! I want to share these “shopportunities” with the world.

As I mentioned, I try to stay away. It’s just too tempting! But this weekend, my husband asked if we could go in so he could look for a new shirt. I told him to go without me. He asked me why and I said because I would spend money. He said you don’t have to spend money, just come in and look around. Yeah, right. After spending the last eight years with me, it’s frightening how little he knows me.

My husband found some undershirts, a pair of socks and a belt. Not the shirt he went in after. I conquered the purse, the sweater and the rug. None of which I went in trying to find. Most of the time, if I go to T.J.Maxx looking for a particular thing, I can’t find it. It simply does not exist. But the next time I go in looking for something entirely different, I find what I wanted a month ago.

That’s the main difference between life and T.J. Maxx. At a bargain retail store, you rarely find what you’re looking for but with life you most always do. Are you going into your day expecting to meet wonderful people? To be blessed? To make a difference in the lives of others? Or do you find yourself looking for the worst in other people, just getting through your day and always upset over something? If I’m getting irritated, I ask myself what I am focusing on: what I lack or what I already have? Because it is what you focus on that gets bigger. This simple shift in thinking will change my perspective, refuel my joy, and remind me that I can make a difference. I may only influence one other person in a positive way that day but if they take that encouragement and pass it on to everyone they meet that day, then I’ve made a difference. Philippians 4:8 says to focus on whatever is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent or praiseworthy. Are you doing this each day?

Now I’m off to return the rug (the colors weren’t right) and to search for the proper size magnet to fix my purse.

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