The Gift

2 Corinthians 9:15Thank God for his Son, his Gift too wonderful for words (LB).

Rather than trying to locate friends in the midst of a huge church congregation, our members use church mail boxes to return items, give gifts, and say hello.

“No present for me,’said one frantically searching gal. “Me neither,”I grunted, as both of us intently searched for personal files in the midst of a chaos of boomeranging dishes, gifts and cards. Then from the other side, I heard my friend mutter these words in hushed tone. 

“Oh, oh. I miss-spoke. I do have something in my box.”  “We had both better repent,”I said. “There is something for us too!”  We laughed out loud, remembering that we always have a gift. We have the Christ.

Feeling unloved, forgotten, helpless or neglected today? Don’t worry. We have Christ, the Son of the Living God as our personal Savior!

Prayer: Lord, we often forget who You are and what we received when You came into our lives. Remind us today and forever, that if we had not one other thing, that You are with us, and that You are always enough. Amen.

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