The Parent’s Guide to Protecting Children from Pedophiles

I recently read and reviewed the book, The Parent’s Guide to Protecting Children from Pedophiles and I must say I was thoroughly impressed.  The author reveals clear signs and symptoms of children who have had to endure such a terrible and criminal act.  Anywhere from 15 % to 25 % of women and 5% to 15% of men were sexually abused as a child.  That’s up to one in four women and over one in ten men!  These are conservative figures since many never report this to authorities and live with it.  Worse, 60% of such abuse occurs within the immediate family; parents themselves, uncles, aunts, grandparents, and other close relatives.  That saddens me deeply. That means that the worst perpetrators are within the same family!

This book gives real hope for both the victims and for the offenders in breaking free from its effects.  This book includes evidences from children’s behaviors in order to protect children from the hidden dangers of pedophilia that lurk everywhere in our society today.  Sadly, this problem continues to grow worse with each passing year.  These pedophiles leave in their wake ruined lives, wrecked emotions, and permanent scares.  In some instances in creates havoc for future, adult relationships and in worse cast scenarios, makes children or latter adults contemplate feelings of worthlessness or even suicide.  In a few cases it creates pedophiles from those who were abused. 

The abuser receives short term, instant gratification while the abused endure a shattered lifetime.  The abuser may receive five minutes of pleasure at the abusers lifelong expense.  The author points out that the abuser often convinces themselves that it is “love” while it is in actuality one of the greatest crimes of humanity.  It is self-serving, self-gratifying lust at the expense of another human being. 

The book is filled with expert analysis of pedophilia’s schemes and places and times that children are most at risk. It also gives clues from a child’s behavior that may indicate sexual abuse.  The author gives hope for recovery for both the victim and the offender.  There is hope available.  Recovery is possible. This book is an excellent source for protecting your children whether you’re a parent, foster parent, grandparent with custody, teacher, or day care provider.  It is a must read for anyone with young children.  Particularly since most pedophiles are within the families relatives. 

This 120 page paperback is only $8.95 so the author is not intending to make money but to help protect children from the mental ravages of sexual abuse.  If ever there was a book that deals with the wretched scourge that is afflicting our children, this is it.  The author has done a sterling job in preventative measures and dealing with children after the fact.  As a father and grandfather, I want to protect my own children and grandchildren in every what possible.  This book was truly an eye-opener. 

Our children are our most precious resource.  I believe we must do everything possible to protect them.  It is critical to preserve their innocence, their self esteem, their worth and their dignity as a human being.  They have every right to expect that their caregivers to do so.  Children are not in a position to consent to sexual activity.  We must protect them ourselves. Their very lives depend upon it and upon our diligence as caregivers.

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