The Reason for the Season

Yes. Jesus is the reason for the season, and it is a season! That means we ought to love and honor him all year round.

What do we do at Christmas that we might repeat all year?

  1. Go to church regularly, not just at Easter and Christmas.
  2. Love even the unlovely.
  3. Help at the food bank. People are hungry all year.
  4. Give to charities that help the homeless and hurting.
  5. Give unexpected gifts, just because we can.
  6. Celebrate on a day that suits others, not just ourselves.
  7. Be kind to strangers, even if they are not angels in disguise!
  8. Send a card, just for fun.
  9. Give the gift of the news of Christ, who died for us.
  10. Pray that God’s love will continue to pour out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, so that we might continually show that love to others the rest of the year. (From Romans 5:5)


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