The Street Feet Ministry Of Charles Spurgeon

Charles Spurgeon is among my favorites.  He has such insightful sermons and they always focus of what is important. I respect and admire the biblical knowledge of Matthew Henry and his commentaries, but the “mystery” that Mr. Spurgeon addressed regarding 1 TImothy 3:16 is very revealing. 

Mr. Spurgeon was asking “why Paul should write it down as a great mystery that Christ should be believed on in the world [and that] if you think how sunken the world was in vice—how  darkened the understanding of man was with ignorance—it is astounding that such men should receive so holy and so spiritual a religion as that which Jesus Christ preached by His servants.”  This is truly a wonderful statement. It is hard to fathom that the God of the universe would stoop down so low as to esteem men and women and impart such knowledge and clear up the mystery for us.  I would still be in the dark if not for the effectual calling by God and have no clear right to such revelation of God and by God.  

The link about this mystery had a comment at the end of the message that stated, “It is this Gospel which has brought glory to God, filled Heaven with redeemed souls, and made Hell to tremble in all its palaces of flame. Bind it about your heart and defy the hosts of Rome or Hell to unloose its folds! Wrap it about your loins in death and hold it as a standard in both your hands in life. This simple Truth of God, that “Jesus Christ has come to seek and to save that which is lost.”  What fire for evangelism this man had. I heard that he showed some visitors around his church.  He first took them to the boiler room and then showed them 500 men praying.  These men were to pray during his sermon that they Holy Spirit would allow the message to take root and effectually change them. What a prayer warrior he was.  

What a wonderful link that I recommend to the readers.  I have been to the archives and the remarkable resources of scripture and his passion to save the lost is something that I want to mimic to the point of having a heart for those who are perishing and those who yet don’t know these mysteries. May the Holy Spirit prompt me to say what is needed, the heart to reach out with risk of rejection, and the willingness to be obedient to this call.   
“If sinners be damned, at least let them leap to Hell over our bodies. And if they perish, let them perish with our arms about their knees, imploring them to stay. If Hell must be filled, at least let it be filled in the teeth of our exertions, and let not one go there unwarned and unprayed for.”–Charles Spurgeon

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