The Table

A dozen loaves of bread
shouldered their way
across a gold rimmed table.
From rim to rim.
Golden brown,

A lad at his father's side
questioned the waste.
Why not eat these steaming loaves
before they cool?
Go stale,

My son, he explained.
"the loaves remind us
that God extends His bounty.
The table is overflowing,
heavy laden,

Yes my father, but why the rim?
My son, the rim is boundary.
Nature's border, enclosing a blessing.
Our Creator's way.
Laws expressed.
Enforced. (From Exodus 25:23-30)

by Earl D. Silver, Author of "Shavings from a Carpenter's Pencil" & "Easter with the Carpenter"
(Used by permission)

Prayer- Father, thank you for the bread that is Christ. (John 6:51) Amen.

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