The Week’s Top Christian Blog Posts

Linking you to the top 5 Christian blog posts of the week—posts that provide robust, rich, and relevant insights for living. 

The Top 100 Church Blogs

You don’t want to miss this. Kent Shaffer of Church Relevance just posted his list of the top 100 church blogs. In fact, he provides a bonus 41. If you’re a Christian and you want to know who’s in the know on the Net, then visit The Top 100 Church Blogs. Bookmark your favorites or add them as RSS feeds to keep up with the Christian newsmakers and movers-and-shakers.   

Divorce: The Scandal of the Evangelical Conscience

You would think that Christians who are pro-family values would emphasize marriage and fight against divorce, Albert Mohler posts about a new study that shows that just the opposite is true. And he shares his perspective on why in Divorce: The Scandal of the Evangelical Conscience

People Are Talking about You 

Michael Hyatt is the Christian brand marketing guru. In What They Are Saying about You Online, he outlines simple but effective ways you can track your online footprint. 

When a Pastor Falls

Eric Redmond has an excellent guest post on the Gospel Coalition Blog. He presents a biblical, practical view of what a church should do proactively and in a preventive way to help their pastor remain morally pure. He also discusses what a church should do if a pastor falls. Read it all in When a Pastor Falls

Law and Gospel

Justin Taylor discusses a Good Test Case for Understanding Law and Gospel

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