The Traveler’s Guidebook

Genesis 23:4aI am a stranger and a sojourner among you. (AMP)

Some of the magazine’s vacation tips were new to me. To see if they actually measured up, I compared them to events in Abraham’s life.

  1. Don’t expect the comforts of home (Gen. 13-wicked of Sodom).
  2. Have a carefree mind (God‘s promise-Gen 12:2- I‘ll bless you).
  3. Don’t let other tourists get on your nerves (Abraham’s response to strife with Lot- Gen. 13:9)
  4. Carry a passport (God-Fear not, I am your shield (Gen. 15:1).
  5. Take half the clothes and twice the money (Gen. 12:5-They took all their possessions….oops).
  6. We have feet not roots. Expect to move (Gen. 12:9-Abraham journeyed on toward the south).
  7. Don’t worry. Few things are fatal (Genesis 22:2 Take your only son and offer him as burnt offering).
  8. Don’t judge everyone by the actions of a few (Pharaoh took Abraham’s wife as his own. Gen. 12:15).
  9. Stop going on about the ‘old country' (Heb.11:15-They weren’t homesick, looked toward a heavenly country)
  10. Treat your host with respect (Heb. 11:16 God is not ashamed to be called their God) 

A great traveler, Abraham’s only problem, common to all of us, was too much luggage. Of course, he didn’t expect to go back. That made a difference in his packing! Now then, what kind of travelers are we? Do we get passing grades on the journey through life to heaven?

Prayer: Lord, travel hasn’t been our strength, but it’s your plan. Help us move feet and heart in the right direction. Amen.

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