The True Meaning of Joy

Nearly three years ago in the New Zealand town of Blenheim I worked in a supermarket. As I had kitchen experience and a food-handling certificate, they placed me in the delicatessen. The smell of all those hams and salamis was overpowering to say the least. Then there were scotch eggs, Mmmmm…it makes me hungry thinking of them. After slicing some Christmas hams for the masses, it was my turn on front counter. A customer came over wearing the most revolting T-shirt I have ever seen.

Gee, Lord I thought quietly to myself. What sort of person would wear a shirt colored like that? On Christmas morning, I got my answer. When I opened my present, there was exactly the same shirt.

It is true God has a sense of humor. What is even truer is He uses circumstances to teach His children the finer points of life. Therefore, what are you saying, Brother Steve?

“Are we going to end up as badly dressed as you?”

“I hope not.”

Since I married Hine, I am no longer on that list thank you very much. The real issue here is that we need to bridle our thought life. This week I have been meditating on joy. No, not my joyous T-shirt, but rather an old Sunday school chorus that came into my mind. It goes to the tune of Jingle Bells:

J. o. y.  j. o. y

This must surely be

Jesus first,

Yourself last, and

Others in between

It appears that to have true joy we all need




Have a great week everybody.

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