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The Best of the Best Around the Net links you to blog posts that provide robust, rich, and relevant insights for living. Check out the following links you can trust.

The State of the Black Church

The NY Times posted a fascinating article on the past, present, and future state of the Black Church. To learn more about the heroes of the Black Church, check out Beyond the Suffering.

Saving Reading

Will reading books become a thing of the past? New Yorker has an interesting article on the IPad and Publish or Perish. Will Steve Jobs save reading?

The 20-1 Rule

Michael Hyatt has an interesting post on The 20-1 Rule that teaches that for each marketing post on your blog, Twitter, or Facebook, you should have twenty non-marketing posts—connecting, giving, relating posts. It’s a great perspective. “Twitter and Facebook are relational tools not transactional tools. You have to make 20 relational deposits for every marketing withdrawal. I have observed that if you just keep asking people to do something—buy your book, come to our conference, sign up for our cause—without making adequate deposits, they will begin ignoring you. Eventually, they will unfollow you and disconnect from your updates. No one wants to be spammed. Not today. There are too many alternative sources of content. If you want to build a social media platform, one where people listen to you, then you have to be a giver not a taker. I think 20-to-1 is about right.”

Young, Restless, and Reformed?

Michael Horton over at the White Horse Inn has written a deep, robust, theological, and practical post about what makes a person a “Reformed Christian.” Using an analogy from C. S. Lewis, his post The Hallway and the Rooms is worth a thorough read.

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