Give God Back The Time He Created

Time. Oh my, where does it go?

Every evening I say to myself, “Self…tomorrow will be different. Tomorrow I will put God first.”  But then something happens, and tomorrow is suddenly here, and so are deadlines, personal needs, my family's needs, my employer's needs…everybody's needs but God's.

Then comes the guilt. It comes in waves. I don't love God enough. I am pitifully weak. I make committments and then can't, or won't, keep them. I am a bad organizer. I don't prioritize well. I put myself and others before my God. And how terrible and unworthy I feel. It is the ultimate discouragement, this self 'whipping' that I do so well. And it does nothing to solve the problem.

“Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28) Jesus said this all those many years ago, and He meant it. He was saying it to all the generations. It is for me, and it is for you. If we will simply relax, lay back and imagine His strong, yet gentle, arms comforting and holding us, then we will eventually realize we are not imagining it at all!

So, back to my dilemna…and possibly yours too! I can truly find ways to spend time with God. I can say thank you to Him when I wake up in the morning. I can remember to say the blessings over my food. I also can take a moment to read at least a psalm, or a chapter of Proverbs, each and every day. I can listen to uplifting Christian music. And if I will fellowship with good Christian friends, then I will share with them my issues, and learn from them how they cope, and what they have learned from God. His way of giving me my much needed help!

What I am saying is God will teach us what we all need to know about spending time with Him. He wants to be with us, to fellowship with us, to speak to us, and to hear our prayers. He is our Father, and it is important to Him to hear our thoughts and needs, and then for us to listen to what He has to say about them. Yes, He will speak to us. We merely need to be still, and quiet, and let God be Who He is….our Everything.

God will put us back in order, and show us how to take time to be with Him. He will teach us how to organize our daily tasks so they take on the proper priority. HE should be number one on the list. We must learn that He created us, and we belong to Him. Not to anyone else, not even to ourselves. We are His masterpieces, and He loves us. So of course He wants to spend time with us. Dedicated, devoted, one on one time. No other being in Heaven or on Earth is more important, no other can love us like He does. He is worthy.

Give God back the time He created. Give Him His due. And reap the benefit of that true relationship, that ultimate friendship, that Father/child connection. Time is of the essence, and there is no better time than right now!

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