Too Old

The sweet picture of an old, tired dog had this caption: “Forgive me. I’m too old now to get up and hug you.”

Why is it that we forgive our pets for getting old but are less kind to people?

Old Aunt Bessie’s arthritis prevented her from attending a niece’s wedding and that niece is still offended.

Charlie’s 80-year-old Dad had no way of getting to the grandson’s graduation. Instead of offering a ride, Charlie berated Dad for not making the effort.

When we are younger, full of boundless energy, we don’t understand why our elders would just as soon sit at home. The truth is that the older we get, the more tired we get.

Don’t judge us till you experience it for yourselves.

Yes, God will judge his people, but oh how compassionately he’ll do it. (Deuteronomy 32:36a, MSG)

Prayer- Help us see each other through your eyes, Lord. Amen.

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