U.S. Olympians share their faith stories

Starting on Friday much of the world’s attention – both in terms of sports and general interest – will be directed toward Vancouver and the Winter Olympics.

The American team has plenty of compelling story lines on and off the ice and ski slopes, among them stories of faith.

Beyond the Ultimate features compelling faith testimonies by a wide group of Olympians who are using the notoriety they will gain over the next two and a half weeks to share their platform for success.

Among the athletes featured include gold medalists Kelly Clark (women’s snowboarding) and Chad Hedrick (speedskating) plus Canadian speedskater Cindy Klassen, Jilleanne Rookard (speedskating) and Curt Tomasevicz (bobsled).

Clark mentioned she was inspired to investigate Christianity after overhearing a fellow snowboarder mention to another competitor who had fallen that God still loved her even though she crashed badly. It helped her bring her life into focus and realign her priorities. “I wasn’t doing it to prove to people who I was because through my relationship with God I learned who I was and was comfortable with who I was,” Clark comments. “I’ve never had more fun snowboarding and I’ve never been more free.”

Hedrick, known as a tough-talking Texan who earned gold four years ago in Torino, has embraced his faith and fended off assumptions he has gone soft because of his change in attitude. “You can still be a Christian and be a competitive person,” he remarks.

Certainly true, and indicative of why the site is worth visiting.

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