Un-Abandoned Worship In An Old Pickup Truck

What would un-abandoned worship look like to you?  You might picture a scene at church, where people are at the altar with hands lifted high.  Their voices may be ringing out in a beautiful melody as the musical instruments play on stage. 

Or could you picture un-abandoned worship like this?  A scruffy guy with his cap on backwards, driving an old beat-up pickup truck?  His voice cracking and completely out of tune as he belts out the words to a song. 

While most of us would probably imagine the first scenario, this past Sunday I got to see a new side of un-abandoned worship. 

It was Sunday afternoon and my entire family was on our way to a couple of stores.  We had K-Love on in the background, which is a Christian radio station.  There was a lot of chattering going on inside our vehicle when we stopped at a red light and I faintly heard a strange sound. 

I looked next to me and here was this very scruffy looking guy, with his baseball cap on backwards driving a beat up old pickup truck and he was singing loudly.  I told everyone to be quiet and I listened.  I couldn’t help but giggle.  This guy was really belting it out.  I tried to not be obvious as I took a peek.  His window was rolled halfway down and he was singing loud…I mean, really loud. 

Then I recognized the song he was singing.  It was the same song playing on our radio.  He was listening to K-Love and without a care in the world, he was engaging in un-abandoned worship.  While my children found it funny, it got me thinking. 

Would I be able to do the same?  Just sing out praises to God, not caring what others think?  To me, a scruffy guy in an old pickup truck became a clear picture of what true, un-abandoned worship should look like. 

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