W.D.J.D with Grief (Part 1)

Most of us are familiar with the phrase, What Would Jesus Do, but we’re looking at some instances of what Jesus actually DID in the midst of his grief when his cousin, John the Baptist, was murdered. Here’s how it played out:

Mary, the mother of Jesus and Elizabeth, John’s mom, were cousins, which makes the boys second cousins. Since the moms were close, it stands to reason that the boys were too, and why not? They were close in age, raised with the same values. Both were called to live extraordinary lives. (Luke 1-4)

As time went on, John’s ministry of truth annoyed Herod who put John in jail and eventually beheaded him. John’s disciples buried John and then went to tell Jesus what happened. (Matthew 14:1-12)

And what did Jesus do? He went off by himself, apparently hoping to be alone. But the crowds followed… and he took pity on them and cured their sick. (Matthew 14:14)

Jesus tried to be alone with his grief, but it just didn’t work out that way.
What do we do when things don’t work out the way we wish?

Prayer – Father God, give us the grace to comfort others even when we want your grace for ourselves alone. Amen

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