W.D.J.D with Grief (Part 3)

So those pesky disciples are stuck in a boat in the midst of a violent storm. They needed help again and Jesus walked out to them, called Peter to join him on the waves, then saved him when his faith failed. Then Jesus calmed the sea. The disciples confessed that under these conditions, he must really be the Son of God

What did Jesus do? He went out to help them, but first he had to calm their terrors

Terror number one : Storm and possible drowning.

Terror number two : Is a water-walking ghost coming across the waves toward them?

Terror number three : Crazy Peter wants to walk on water

Terror number four : Crazy Peter loses faith and sinks.

Terror number five : Jesus must really be the Son of God

But instantly He spoke to them, saying, take courage! I Am! Stop being afraid! (Matthew 14: 27, AMPC)

They get to shore and once again Jesus sets off be alone.

What do you do when others interrupt your grief?

Prayer – Lord, give us the grace to rise above our own grief so that we can help others. Amen

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