Week of Eggs

I wanted an egg salad sandwich for lunch so I started them on the boil. However, I used a bigger pot than usual and it held seven eggs.

The lemon pie mix required two egg yolks in the mix and two egg whites for the meringue. I separated the eggs and tossed the whites into my blue bowl. A bit of yolk got into the whites. Whites won’t whip under those conditions. I started over.

I separated two more eggs and tossed the extra yolks into my blue bowl along with the non-meringue whites. I thought I might have scrambled eggs for lunch, forgetting I was boiling eggs for lunch.

Finally I got the pie, plus meringue in the oven. Then the phone rang. The smoke alarm went off, because the meringue burnt black.  I scraped it off the top of the pie, separated two more eggs and threw the yolks in the ever expanding amount in the blue bowl. The meringue looked puny so I added another egg white and… you guessed it… tossed the extra yolk in the blue bowl.

A dozen eggs last a long time when you live alone. I just kept faithfully eating day by day, until they were gone.

When life keeps hitting you with the same thing over and over, what do you do?

For if we are faithful to the end, trusting God just as we did when we first became Christians, we will share in all that belongs to Christ. (Hebrews 3:14, LB)

Prayer – Father, you know what we need. Keep us faithful no matter what. Amen

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