What A Christian Can Learn From Book Of Ruth

The book of Ruth tells a story of a young Moabite woman name Ruth. She has been married to an Israelite. When her husband died, she shows a total loyalty to her mother in law, Naomi, and follows the teaching of Israel people and GOD. Throughout the book, it tells how Ruth never question Naomi from the beginning until she got married with Boaz and they bear a son name Obed the father of Jesse and grandfather of David.

In chapter 1, it tells that Naomi is left alone without a husband and sons. With her daughter in law become widow, she decided to return to Bethlehem. On the way, Naomi asks her 2 daughter in law to leave her and return to their people and God. Orpah return home after second thought being hesitate at the first. Ruth stays loyal to Naomi and follows her to Bethlehem. How this chapter reflects to us Christian? A lot of us Christian easily turn our back from GOD and return to our former selves and life back in sins. We will praise GOD when GOD gave everything we want but then turn our back when GOD takes it back from us especially our precious belonging. A few of us like Ruth stay loyal to GOD during our happiness and sadness, health and sickness, riches and poor.

Chapter 2 tell us how Boaz reward Ruth when he discover that Ruth working in his field harvesting. Boaz was impressed with Ruth over her loyalty to Naomi and Israel people and GOD. Boaz not just gave Ruth job at his field, he also promises to protect Ruth from being molest. He gave Ruth permit to drink from the jar filled with water. Boaz also invites Ruth for a meal and later permitted Ruth taking the corn from his field back home. God also just like Boaz. He will reward us when we stay loyal to Him. Loyalty to God alone is not enough. We also need to do His work. We can be a Christian for all our life, but if we didn’t do the work of GOD, being Christian didn’t mean anything at all. We can be new Christian, but if we devoted ourselves to work of GOD, we will be reward. God reward us for what we do for Him. He gives us water to quench our thirst, food to fill our hunger and blessing to comfort our life.

In chapter 3, Ruth follows Naomi advice by pampering Boaz and committed herself to him. Boaz promise to take care of her either by looking for a better man for Ruth or he himself will marry Ruth. We Christian also need to pamper GOD. We have to take care of GOD feeling. Doing so, we need to follow all of GOD words and commandments. Even that wouldn’t be enough. We also need to commit ourselves to GOD. Everybody can follow GOD word and His commandments but not everybody ready to commit their life to GOD. Committing ourselves to God will only ensure we are closer to GOD. Do we prepare to commit ourselves to GOD?

In chapter 4, Boaz winning the right to marry Ruth when the nearest relatives unwilling to take her in marriage. Boaz marries Ruth and they had a son named Obed. Once we Christian commit ourselves to GOD, GOD will do anything to take us t be one with Him. When we are one with GOD, we will have GOD abundance blessing. GOD blessing will have no end if we commit ourselves as one with Him.

The book of Ruth tells us how we should be to be one with GOD. GOD reward is eternal life with Him in heaven together with all the arch angel, angles and heaven creature.

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