What Do We Read?

I requested the autobiography of an old time movie actress from the library, only to discover that the volume is at least four inches thick! It’s almost the size of a pulpit Bible and certainly two –three times the size of any I’ve ever owned. I can barely pick it up, let alone hold and read it. There is no way this person had a bigger life than God’s! I returned it…unread.

What do we spend our spare moments reading? How many of us have read God’s word from cover to cover? How many of us just read the few lines offered in our daily devotionals?

Perhaps we need to rethink our reading plans.

"Good is the enemy of best." –Oswald Chambers

"Don't be afraid to give up the good to go for the great."– John D. Rockefeller

Prayer- Lord, please point us in the right reading direction…towards you. Amen.

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