What Does God’s Word Say?

Most of us spend more time reading the Bible than studying it. If we are speed readers, we can gallop along at a furious pace and not learn a thing. Let’s slow down for a moment and ask ourselves what we can learn from Mark 1:1-8. I am using the Amplified version.

1. Verse 1- Jesus is the Son of God, sent by God.

2. Verse 2-God sent John the Baptist to make the path ready for Christ. (Confirmed in Isaiah).

3. Verse 3- John’s message- Prepare the way of the Lord

4. Verse 3- John appeared in the dessert preaching:

                  – Obligating repentance

                  – Changing one’s mind for the better,

                  – Heartily amending one’s ways

                  -Abhorring past sins in order to have forgiveness and release from sins

5. Verse 5- Everybody went to hear the message.

                 – They were baptized while they confessed their sins.

6. Verse 6- John wore the simplest clothing and ate what was available.

7. Verse 7- John’s message?

                 -There is One coming who is stronger, more powerful and more valiant than me.

                 -I’m not even worthy to touch his sandals.

8. Verse 8- John baptized with water but Christ will baptize with the Holy Spirit.

Think on that for the next 24 hours. Tomorrow we go deeper.

Prayer- Lord, lead us into deeper fellowship with you. Teach us what you are saying to us and then help us obey. For the Christ, whose forerunner was John the Baptist. Amen.

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