Surviving in the Mist

At some point, maybe even now, you will find yourself walking through a truly dark and scary moment in life. Times of intense unknown can paralyze you. These moments can cause you to lose heart and throw in the towel mere seconds before the first real glimmer of breakthrough is spotted. Moments of crazy uncertainty can make you feel as if a darkness has burrowed into your skin and is worming its way to your heart in an attempt to drain your life force.

My family is currently walking through what I feel to be the greatest trial of our lives. In the midst of this chaos I have found myself on more than one occasion looking to the sky and asking the question that anyone who has walked through the muck has asked, “Why? Why me? Why my family?” Eventually this question became a statement which is also typical, “I’m done. I can’t make it through.”

When confronted with the exceedingly tough things in life people respond in various ways. Some folks get violent. Others fall into a deep depression where they are unable to work, sleep, or eat. Still others resort to addictions in an attempt to bury, suppress, or wash away reality. Truth is none of those things get you through the storm. They can’t help you survive in the mist because in the long run all they do is intensify the weight of the situation making you feel as if the mist is suffocating you.

There are some who set out with good intentions but eventually run out of steam and, like in a game of cards, fold and leave the table never knowing where patience and perseverance was taking them to. Then there are those who look beyond themselves for their source of strength, they look to God. These are the folks that when they think it’s over, and they cry out “I’m done!” the Spirit whispers to their soul “Not yet (insert your name). My grace is sufficient.” These folks choose to allow Christ to be the fuel in their tanks so that the can continue on in spite of the surrounding mist.

As a Christian I find great hope, and great comfort in the fact that we’re reminded in the Bible that God said He would never leave us or forsake us. Furthermore, I find peace in the words Jesus spoke when He said to worry not about tomorrow. The circumstance my family is facing is one of great consequence and as strong as I am it’s beyond my ability. So, I have to lean quite heavily, if not solely, on my faith…on my identity as a child of the King. I have to rely on the fact that His all-seeing eye was able to see this event coming from a great distance off.

Last year my wife and I did a fundraiser for exploratory church planting purposes and since that time a few different people have been asking what’s the latest on Refuge City, the church plant, and I tell them it’s on hold…it’s in His hands and His timing. Why do I mention that? Because He knew what was coming, He knew my family would have to traverse this mountain before a church plant could, if it’s indeed His plan, come to fruition. Regardless of whether it happens or not we need to travel through the Misty Mountains to see the glories that lay beyond…glories that will make those left behind pale in comparison. What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. Sometimes the tribulation is really a revitalization.

Whatever the case you find yourself tangled up in – marital, health, financial, whatever – when you get to the other side you will be stronger for it. You will have a deeper appreciation for that which you have. There will be a fresh passion in the kiss you give your spouse, a fresh excitement for adventure, a better sense of stewardship…all you have to do is survive in the mist. When an internal organ is dying the pain is unbearable. The thought of surgery without good odds is nightmarishly scary. Recovery is excruciatingly slow. But the day you get out of that bed and you can once again walk the journey of life you would be so glad to have went through the necessary procedure. After all it not only saved but also extended your days here with those you love.

In the movie The Mist as it’s coming to an end you find five characters in a vehicle, that just ran out of gas, scared for their lives surrounded by horrible monsters. They’ve been struggling to survive in the mist. They have a gun with only four bullets. Seeing no hope in sight the main character ends up performing four “mercy” killings, snuffing the life out of his companions. He then gets out of the vehicle to die, after all there is no hope. However, out of the mist comes his salvation and all he can do is drop to his knees and scream because if he would have just waited a few more minutes the others would still have been alive.

When something is worth fighting for NEVER give up. Whatever turmoil you’re going through…endure! The sun is about to burst forth on your despair. As you’re doing all you can to make it through cling to the promises of God. Grab hold of the hand of your loved ones. Just whatever you do remember that like my family, and many others, you too can survive in the mist.

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