What If You Were Another Mom In Another Culture?

What if you were a mom that couldn’t feed your child lunch. Or dinner?

What if you were a mom that couldn’t afford new clothes for your children? They had to wear clothes that were too big or falling apart? What if you couldn’t afford to give them shoes?

What if you were a mom that couldn’t take your child to the doctor because you couldn’t afford it?

What if you were a mom that worried every day that your child would be scooped up into the world of child trafficking?

What if you felt badly that your child had to do so much work around the house? The cooking, cleaning, caring of siblings – so that you could go to work for $7 a day?

These thoughts come to my mind as I have visited a few other cultures – a few other countries. So often, so much focus is spent on the children. What about the mothers? When was the last time the burden of responsibility was eased off of their shoulders – for a day – an hour – a minute?

Mothers everywhere sacrifice for their children. We all do it in different ways and sometimes in different doses. What if there was nothing you could give? Nothing you could sacrifice? What if the only thing you had to live on was your hope and your faith that somehow God would provide, God would save, and God would protect?

I wonder which is the better way to live.  Which lifestyle produces more faith – more hope? Who really is the more blessed person and who really knows the deeper meaning of joy and love? That “other” mom…….. or me? Me – who knows I can feed my child lunch, dinner, and beyond. Me – who can easily take my child to the doctor AND the hospital. Me – who doesn’t worry so much about child trafficking as much as how modest my child’s clothes are. Me –  who doesn’t have to go to work, but is blessed to stay at home?

I sacrifice in a different way. But I am blessed. Blessed to have an abundance of resources at my fingertips to help me parent and to live.

But what if…… what if I hadn’t been born here? What if I had been born “there?”

What if.

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