What Is Your Burning Bush?

One of my favorite stories in the Old Testament is the one of the burning bush.  It’s an amazing story of God calling Moses to fulfill a plan and a purpose.  But even though God may not talk to us out loud through a literal burning bush, the truth is we all have a burning bush.

The burning bush occurred in a moment when Moses wasn’t expecting it.  He was just going about life, doing his thing which was to tend the sheep.  He was probably doing what he was comfortable with, what he was skilled in.  This may have been, in his eyes, the “perfect” job.

But suddenly his world is interrupted.  He sees fire coming from this bush and is amazed at the fact that it doesn’t burn up.  How can this be?  He goes over to inspect it and that’s when God calls to him out of the burning bush.

I have tried to put myself in the shoes of Moses.  If I heard God calling my name out of a burning bush would I respond as he did?  He answered, “Here I am.”  It was as if he was saying; here I am God at Your service…ready to do Your bidding.  There seemed to be no hesitation that it was actually God talking and not some prankster.

God would begin to tell Moses how he would help lead the Israelites out of bondage and out of the hands of the Egyptians.  Now of course the response Moses gave could be a whole different blog but for the purpose of this one, I just want to concentrate on the symbolism of the burning bush. 

It represented God’s plan for Moses life.  He had something specific.  He was calling Moses to do something that he had never planned for nor did he really want but it was God’s will for his life.  Would it turn out to be something hard and difficult?  Yes it most certainly did.  Did God equip Moses?  Yes He definitely did.

He will do the same for us.  Now my question to you is what is your burning bush?   What is God calling you to do?  How will you respond?

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