Power Outage Serves as Reminder to Unplug

Last week we had some pretty nasty weather.  And for a short time our power went out.  I was just about to iron some clothes for the week when this happened.  Since that wasn’t going to happen I was thinking to myself I would go on my computer and do some work. But I failed to realize that my Internet wouldn’t work either so I wouldn’t be able to do my work.   No getting to watch TV, play video games, or play with my other electronics.  Then I decided I was going to take a shower, but then again realizing my hot water heater was also affected by not having power.  What a bummer I thought to myself.  Then it hit me, everything that I wanted to do at that moment relied on me having electricity to run it.   What a scary thought!!  But then as I rushed through my shower so I could use as little hot water as possible, I thought to myself, this is a good lesson for me to learn.  This lesson forced me to do things that I normally wouldn’t do.  I had the chance to just sit and read a book.  I can’t remember the last time that has happened.

The lesson learned here was that in life I find that I go a hundred miles an hour and take things for granted some times, like the simple things.  When something like the power goes out, it forces me to do other things that I don’t normally do.  But it was a stark reminder that I NEED to do these other things.  I need to unplug and take time to spend with my wife, to read, to enjoy life that doesn’t involve me being plugged in.  I get so busy in life that I don’t stop and for a lack of better words, stop and smell the roses.  God is saying slow down and enjoy the other things that are around me, His creation and His beauty, that does not involve me being on something that is plugged in.  
So my challenge in this post to you, is to take a day out of the month or week, to just “unplug”.  Take a day where you put the computer, the TV, the iPods, etc.  and leave them alone.  Take that time to be with your family.  Go and do something, just be together and have fun with each other.  I know for me, I struggled at first with no power, but realized there is so much more out there that I could be doing.  Try it a few times and let me know how it goes.  Feel free to leave comments on it.  If this is something you already do, I would love to hear your thoughts on how it is going.  I also would love for you to leave comments about what kind of fun, creative things you do on those days that you are unplugged.
Until next time, be blessed and love like you never have!

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