When Christ Came

New Covenant under Christ
Sanctuary not made of human hands
Entered heaven itself
In God’s presence
Never needed to offer self again
Christ’s own Blood
Offered/suffered one time only
Appeared once and for all
Removed sin by sacrifice of self
Offered once for the sins of many
Will appear a second time
Appeared at the end of the age
Cleared once and for all
Old Covenant under Law
A tent constructed
Earthly sanctuary
High priest-once a year
Priests-continual ritual
Blood of animals
Continually offered
Continual offerings
Removed sin by offerings
Offered continuously
No promise of end or return
Imposed till time to set right
No clearing of conscience









These truths are found in Hebrews 9. The Old Covenant became null and void when Christ came as our high priest,

Christ is the mediator of a new covenant. (Hebrews 9:15a, NIV)

Prayer – Lord, thank you for being a once and for all God! Amen

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