When Money Becomes Evil

Money becomes evil when it makes someone disowns God or when it makes man rely less on Him. A poor person always recognizes God as the Giver of Hope, the Source of every single need he has. While one with a million dollar house, a Hummer or Lexus, vacations in the Caribbean or a summer house by the shore, this can make someone feel he no longer needs God, that his life is still fine without Him.

There are college students who are more than willing to serve the Lord in fellowships through summer mission trips. However, upon landing to a big-time job at a big-time firm, being offered big bonuses, six-figure incomes and attractive promotions, they forget their church mission. Money becomes evil when the temptation is so strong and that God is pushed aside as they pursue their prestigious and lucrative careers.

Money can change a man’s priorities

At the onset of wealth, when money earned is more than we can spend, it makes us feel secure, protected, accomplished, strong and powerful. We tend to feel that we can become independent and do not need help, even from God. We can take care of ourselves.

Money becomes evil when it changes a Christian’s mindset, feelings and priorities, and such change to take himself away from the real Source and Giver of genuine wealth and security.  

Wealthy people can become self-serving, conceited and think they are righteous above others. They think that they deserve their fortunes and assume that poor people are lazy and undeserving. That is how money becomes evil — when people who have it in abundance lose compassion to the poor.

Instead of being thankful for their blessings, arrogance can set in. The love of money turns a good person into evil.

When money becomes evil

If money can throw a soul to hell, then it does not deserve our attention and love at all. If money is used as a tool to transform us to the evil ways, then money is evil in itself. Doctor Jose Rizal, Philippines national hero and author of the most controversial El Filibusterismo, stated in his Father Florentino character about money. Knowing money can do evil and he, had nothing to do with it, Fr. Florentino threw the main character’s treasure to the sea, saying “May Nature guard you in her deep abysses among the pearls and corals of her eternal seas,” then the priest solemnly extended his hands. “When for some holy and sublime purpose man may need you, God will in his wisdom draw you from the bosom of the waves. Meanwhile, there you will not work woe, you will not distort justice, you will not foment avarice!”


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