What Can Christians Expect from God When Disasters Happen?

Floods are striking again. This past week, the heavy rains which occured for several days caused flash flooding in Texas, Utah and Wyoming.  The rain swamped the central portion in Texas alone. Texas health officials warned of water contamination when the flood overran a sewage treatment plant and advised downstream residents to wear protective clothing especially when cleaning their homes.

Many times, the onset of tropical storms, earthquakes, tornados, volcanic eruptions would claim numerous lives in a wink of an eye. These would cause an insurmountable grief to those who lost their loved ones, a terrible headache for the local government officials and enhance cooperation from neighboring locations.

While man can de-explode a patriot, can block an unknown mail sender, can move a cloud to avoid rain, he cannot stop Mother Nature when it gives out disasters. It just seems to be unstoppable. Man is deemed helpless when nature strikes.

Disasters cause terrible sorrow, discomfort and hardships to those directly affected. How can we protect ourselves when nature strikes? As Christians, why does God let it happen to us? Why can’t life be just smooth-sailing all the time?

Jesus’ teachings show us how to deal with disasters.

Jesus was once asked about a tragedy which happened in the Jerusalem temple when Pilate brutally killed many devout Jewish worshippers and their blood mingled with that of the sacrificed animals at the time of the temple’s daily sacrifice.

He said not to fear those who can kill the body, but fear to commit sin which can apart us from God and therefore make us be thrown to hell…which can kill the spirit. (Matthew 10:28).

Jesus did not promise to stop these disasters, but instilled in us not to fear them. Disasters are nothing compared to committing sin that can cause us to be thrown to hell.

As to our properties or belongings, Jesus told a parable about a rich man who worried where to store his crops. He said to himself, he had to be happy for his goods are abundant and will last for many years. However, God told him that his soul will be taken from him that very night. Therefore, any material thing we have in this life, we cannot take with us. We should have to worry about these things less and put more importance to the things that we do that can gain God’s favor.

Disasters can take away our properties and anything we worked hard to possess. Disasters can do just that. They should not take our spirit away from the mercy of an All-Powerful God Who exactly knows what we really need.

Signs of His second coming?

Jesus once spoke of the time between His two advents. He mentioned that on His second coming, there will be famines, earthquakes, wars and natural disasters. He said these will just be the start of the end of the world and the actual pain is yet to come. (Matthew 24).

Whatever it is, we just have to be prepared all the time like those brides who did not sleep for the night to prepare for the coming of their bridegroom. (Matthew 25:10). What Christians can expect from God is the fulfillment of His promise of an everlasting life.

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