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Later this month I will be teaching a class on journaling and writing. Now I do have lots of experience on both topics. That’s what happens when you get old (er!) I started to journal when I learned that journaling could help heal sexual abuse, and I was desperate. It’s been a forty-year journey for me through all that internal dialogue. And every page was worth it.

My journals document my struggles and successes, my shame and triumphs. I am a better person for it and several of my books came directly from my journal pages.

As far as I am concerned, my life is richer because of my honesty on those pages. That alone is a great personal reward.

But now I will actually be teaching the how-to of it.

Lesson offered? Keep on doing what speaks to your heart. Keep on growing in every way and the Lord will find a way to use it to encourage someone else.

That’s what Jael did. She won a great battle doing what she did every day of her life…hammer in tent pegs. (Judges 4:21)

Soldier on friend, even when the things you are doing seem mundane and only for your own benefit. God has a plan.

Prayer-God, give us grace to keep on doing what needs to be done. Amen.

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