Why do we celebrate Father’s Day?

Why do we celebrate Father’s Day? This week I heard an interesting Father’s Day perspective by local Christian radio talk show host, Scott Wilder. He noted how often church sermons on Mother’s Day praised hard-working moms of America, while the messages on Father’s Day challenged underperforming dads.

I receive several email devotionals each day in my inbox. One I received today centered on Father’s Day. It was written to encourage dads to be better! It occurred to me that Wilder was right.

A quick search on Google results in excellent finds like this one, posted with all good intentions: “Father’s Day 2009: How to be a Christian Father.” As a mom, I don’t recall ever being told how to be a Christian mother on Mother’s Day. These special days are set aside to appreciate the roles of mom and dad, not to reprimand and remediate the poorly performing parent.

What message are we sending fathers if all they hear is how they don’t measure up to biblical standards? Then we take them to lunch, and expect them to pay the bills. Finally we present their gift–the latest tool from Lowe’s–so they can complete their honey-do list.

I agree we have a crisis in America with regard to godly men. Many women and children long for the love and leadership a Christian husband and father provides. However, men deserve their day of appreciation, too. Let’s save the lecture for another day, and just love on them this Sunday. Like moms, dads like an occasional breakfast in bed too.


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