Winter Driving

Too often winter brings out the worst in us. I’m talking about winter driving in particular. We crowd up on one another, presuming to stop on snow and ice just as quickly as we stopped on bare summer pavement.

We crowd emergency vehicles, forgetting that here in Canada that makes us liable for both a fine and demerit points. Common sense should tell us never to pass a snow plow and definitely never to pass it on the right hand side. To stay in control of our vehicle, we shouldn’t use the cruise control. Pack an emergency kit and stay on the main roads because they are always plowed first.

Yes, these are all common sense tips but many of us still think we are smarter than all those who have gone before us and learned these truths the hard way.

But when we choose not to heed truth, and have an accident, suddenly we too are experts at choosing wisdom over foolishness.

They may be ever seeing but never perceiving, and ever hearing but never under-standing; otherwise they might turn and be forgiven!’ (Mark 4:12, AMP)

Prayer – Father God, give us the smarts to use the common sense you gave us! Amen

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