Yada, Yada, Yada

These people honor me with their lips, 
but their hearts are far from me. 
Matthew 15:8

What would you do if you knew Jesus was coming to visit you?  I mean, actually coming to your house, and sitting on your furniture.  I'm sure there would be all kinds of things you would do to prepare – straightening, dusting, vacuuming, hiding some inappropriate books or movies (that's a post for another time).  When He arrived at your door, you would probably be there to greet Him, right?  Once Jesus sat down in your home, would the conversation be polite and restrained, or would you jump right in, picking up where you left off from the last time you talked?  The answer to that question depends on whether you have knowledge of Jesus or a relationship with Him.

Yada: Hebrew meaning to know completely, intimately – “And the man knew Eve his wife, and she conceived, and bare Cain. (Gen. 4:1)  Yada does not refer to the sexual act, but the intimate relationship between husband and wife.

God wants that kind of  relationship with us.  He wants us to know (yada) Him and be known (yada) by Him. 

Luke 7 illustrates the difference between knowing of and a relationship with Jesus.  Simon invited Jesus into his home, but he didn't really welcome Him.  He failed to show Jesus any of the common courtesies that were custom at that time – no kiss on the hand or cheek, no water to wash his feet, and no oil to anoint his head.  Simon knew all about Jesus, but he didn't yada Him.  But the woman, the prostitute, came in and washed Jesus' feet with her tears, kissed his feet, and anointed them with expensive perfume. She was reckless in her love for Jesus.  This woman had more than a knowledge, she had a relationship; she yada'd him.   

Which person do you more relate to in this story?  Do you have a knowledge of Jesus or do you YADA Him? 

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