10 Reasons Sinful Addictions Are Hard To Break

Sinful addictions are incredibly difficult to break. Some people have walked away from drugs or alcohol or other sinful habits after receiving Jesus as their Lord, but it isn’t common. I had a friend that I have completely lost touch with but we had some lively discussions. I met him through the internet, and found myself praying for him. Then quite suddenly, he posted a most terrific “how to” list at www.Studylight.org.

His list was directed toward breaking the habit of pornography, but it can be applied to any sinful habit a Christian finds himself or herself sucked into and can't seem to break. It works! I had a terrible habit of smoking, and was also a slave to alcohol. Satan has a way of weaving a seductive web around a Christian. Before that Christian even realizes it, that sticky web has him securely, and dangerously tied into knots. Be that as it may, God and I broke the habits. It was the hardest thing I have every done in my entire life. I could never have done it without God’s help and He showed me the proper way to do it is to tackle them one at a time.

When we tackled the first habit (smoking), after four days of cold turkey, I fell to my knees begging God to help me, to keep me safe, to guard my feelings and my thoughts because the more I thought about smoking the more I wanted to, the more I wanted to, the more I was compelled to go buy some cigarettes. The more I was compelled, the weaker was my will and I knew I was doomed to another failure if I didn't throw myself onto God's lap begging for Him to take control. “Aha!”, I thought. That is it. He must have complete control and that is where I have failed in the past. The more I desired to be free of this slavery I was bound to, the tighter its hold became. The tighter the hold, the louder Satan’s whispers became.

Even if you are not caught in the web of addictive behavior, you may have a loved one that is. Sometimes, all it takes is the empathetic listener to help the addicted one to see the Light.
My friend told me that he had culled his list from many different websites and books that he combed in inpatient duress so he could leave behind him the slavery to pornography.

First, in order to rid one’s self of an addiction, one must realize the reasons and pitfalls which would hinder success. Please read whatever has you, or someone you love, enslaved into the blank.

The Addiction In the natural— the addiction to __________ is very difficult to break. Here are some reasons.
1. It is the misuse of a natural God given desire and is often excused as just being “natural”. This is because the worldly things are fleshly things. Guess which pair of glasses the world looks through?

2. The initial stimuli is difficult to avoid.

3. When one looks at the ___________ the video or magazine figures don't look back with disgust. (When one goes to a bar, you put yourself in the path of temptation if your weakness happens to be alcohol addiction. When you watch movies that have bad language, you are filling your mind with the very thing you wish to break from. Get the picture?)

4. It is often accepted as being the norm for men. (“Men will be men”). (And kids will be kids, and women will be women.) There are no excuses.

5. It is often connected with sexual gratification. (Either by self gratification or with a partner). All forms of sin are connected to self gratification, selfishness, and lack of self control. Our weaknesses are well known to Satan, make no mistake, and he uses those weaknesses for greatest effect.

6. It often carries unseen guilt with it that has its own side effects.

7. The wife or girlfriend through not understanding the nature of the addiction may bring stimuli into the presence of the man who is addicted. (magazines, videos, even lingerie catalogues). (May ask to go places, do things, or events that will stimulate the desire to give in to the addiction.)

8. It is usually mixed with other strong addictions such as drug, alcohol addictions, rock and rap music, and sometimes occult involvement.

9. Quite often there is a generational factor involved. (The son of an addict becomes an addict).

10. Most often, evil spirits are also associated with this addiction.
Warning This addiction can lead to more aggressive and violent acts such as rape, incest, child sexual abuse, sodomy, masochism, and sadism. Christians are not immune, just because they are Christian. The Christian will allow the addiction to build a wall shutting out God in the mind of the Christian.

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