In God We Trust

America’s official motto is an inspiring one. It represents a race which believes that as long as they trust in God, everything will be fine.

In the United States, this motto first appeared on an 1864 coin with the strong Christian sentiment emerging during the Civil War and became an official motto in 1956 after the passage of an Act of Congress which proclaims “’In God We Trust’ is the national motto.”

The people in the United States humbly acknowledged the presence of a divine protection, that God is the source of all power and authority in the civil government and Jesus Christ as the ruler among nations. For them, trusting God was survival.

America’s national motto reflects that its people acknowledge their allegiance and debt to God and expresses a deism ceremonial enough that everyone can agree on. “In God We Trust” recognizes their historical connection to religion.

In God we trust

On a personal level, “In God We Trust” and trusting a God that we cannot see is a test of our willingness to follow Him. Abraham, one of God’s most faithful servants was asked several times to leave his home to heed to a place unknown to him, but under God’s directions. He willingly followed and took all the overwhelming predicaments and obstacles. God rewarded him by multiplying his seeds as the stars in heaven. (Exodus 32:13)

Difficulty most often pre-runs a happening which is going to be wonderful. God begins with an impossibility when He wants to do some miracles. He operates in power and creativity…He is supernatural and it is only as we go along His path that we realize things begin to unfold in a manner almost impossible to believe. We just have to trust Him.

When trials come

God sometimes asks us to do something we think we are not capable of doing. Remember, He would not have chosen us if He thinks we are not ready. We need to believe in His power and He will equip us with the necessary things to do what we are asked to. He just prepares us for upcoming blessings that surely manifest His power. Thus, there are no rooms for fears and doubts.

We can count on His promise because whatever we presently suffer are nothing compared, and not even worth the comparison, to the glory that shall be revealed in us. Romans 8:18.

God is an Almighty God. So mighty that He created the universe which breathes stars out to form huge raging balls of fire. The same God made an amazing wonder by knitting human bodies together with awesome detail.

The all-powerful God has power to sustain these creations to prevent them from falling apart. He is a Sustainer, not just a Creator. His handiwork is beyond compare that anyone who does not believe God may wonder where these creations come from.

He is a God so great, so omnipotent that our fears, predicaments and even political challenges are nothing if put to His control. He is a God always there for His people. Trusting Him solves all the problems there is. We are so loved that by calling constantly to God dependently is not bothersome to Him at all. No doubt, that is exactly what is supposed to be done – trusting Him is the best thing to do.

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