December 17, 2009: Lunchtime News Roundup

Here is the Lunchtime News Roundup for Thursday, December 17, 2009:

Faith Focus

Churches increasingly open to discussing sexuality:

ABC to air Christmas Eve service:

Billboard challenging Virgin Birth stirs debate in New Zealand:


BlackBerry experiencing e-mail delays:

Clinton pledges $100 billion annually toward climate change through 2020

Man exonerated, freed from prison after 35 years:


Gen. David Patreaus discusses Afghanistan surge:

New Jersey father arrives in Brazil to take custody of son in long-running custody dispute:;_ylt=Aiz6bJrZVHNfCL3RwgXnV7p0fNdF

Mystery as spiral blue light display hovers above Norway:


Jon and Kate Gosselin divorce “imminent”

Russell Ferguson wins “So You Thin You Can Dance?”:

Roy Disney leaves entertainment, business legacy


Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chris Henry dies after falling off pickup truck:

Vinny Cerrato out, Bruce Allen in as Washington Redskins top football exec:

Notre Dame says ‘no’ to joining Big Ten amid conference expansion plan:

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