Drew Brees wins Super Bowl with faith, class

As surprising as the result of Super Bowl XLIV may have been to some – myself included – there’s no denying how the game’s MVP handled the spotlight with precision on the field and professionalism off of it.

Drew Brees was a surgeon in Miami on Sunday night, remarkably beating Peyton Manning at his own game in leading the New Orleans Saints to a 31-17 win. After the game Brees repeatedly told reporters his coming to New Orleans in 2006 was a blessing in the wake of Hurricane Katrina’s devastation and that the journey of the team from then until now has been divinely inspired.

A piece which aired before the game on CBS with Katie Couric showed what Brees is lauded for as much as his football skills, which is his philanthropy in the flood-ravaged city.

There are plenty of superstar athletes who do things the wrong way; they make the headlines all the time. When players at the top of their profession act, well, professionally and with a greater sense of purpose in mind, that too is worthy of attention and recognition.

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