John Day, Oregon residents resist Aryan Nation group

Small towns are unassuming, off-the-beaten path places, perfect for raising kids or raising Cain, depending on your motives. Unfortunately for one Nazi group, the citizens of tiny John Day, Oregon, aren’t going to take this Aryan Nation infiltration sitting down.

According to, protestors gathered after “a visit to John Day last week (in late February) by Paul R. Mullet, who described himself as the Aryan Nations national director. He told townspeople he was in town to look at two large downtown properties for a possible national headquarters for the group, said John Day Mayor Bob Quinton.”

A slideshow on the Fox News website shows store windows and protestors signs, asserting that we are ‘One Race = Human” and that the white supremacy group will not be welcomed in John Day.

Personally I’m inspired by courageous stances like this one. There is no reason to allow the kind of hate that festers in Nazism to make its home in Small Town USA, and I’m proud of these communities for insisting that the “Aryan Nation” is not welcome.

Are we courageous enough to speak our minds when we see hate played out on smaller stages? Perhaps no one is threatening to make a white supremacist convention in our hometown, but do we use our First Amendment rights to their fullest when we see hate and bigotry around us? 

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