Lunchtime Links: January 6, 2010

The debate over climate change extends into faith circles. Some churches and prominent leaders have publicly supported emission reduction and connected the idea of human stewardship of God’s creation to protecting the environment. Conversely, skeptics feel the issues is overblown and that the needs of people ultimately need to come first.

If it seems to you that there have been quite a few films with religious themes or undercurrents recently it’s not an accident.

Three questions to ponder for 2010: How have you loved others? How have you loved yourself? How have you expressed your love for God?

Much of the Midwest and East Coast is bracing for a winter storm that is piling up accumulations in the Dakotas. Bitter cold with single-digit temperatures will be left once the storm passes.

A staunch Iowa defense concluded a strong bowl season for the Big Ten Conference as the Hawkeyes defeated Georgia Tech 24-14 to win the Orange Bowl on Tuesday, the last BCS game before Thursday’s national championship tilt between Alabama and Texas.

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