A Deeper Poverty In People’s Hearts

I’ve been on a few mission trips. They changed me. They expanded my heart. I forever think of life differently. Poverty is a hard thing to witness when you realize you have so much. A toy. A pot. A mirror. Things you think are expected needs are luxuries for some. That’s a real eye opener. But the one thing that stunned me the most was how happy most of the people I met were. The joy in their eyes and hearts was contagious. Convicting. To be happy with so little. Over time, I’ve been stirred to focus on a deeper poverty that exists; one that doesn’t seem to be getting as much attention. The poverty in people’s hearts. I believe we should always help those less fortunate than us. We should help those who have no money, need food, and find themselves in dire situations. Not just in other countries, but in our homeland as well. But I also believe that we shouldn’t just help those suffering from monetary poverty. We need to start taking action on the poverty that exists in a very real way in the heart’s and souls of millions. I believe that if people didn’t have empty spaces inside of them, there would be less violence. There would be less selfishness. Less greed. Less sexual deviance. People are hurting. They are lost. They feel empty. They are struggling to figure out who they are. WHY they are. People are caught up in empty quests of money, image, fame, adventure, and greed and finding its lure fades away. They still see their marriages fall apart. There kids ignore them. There finances blow up. It’s all temporary. There is a deep, deep poverty in people’s hearts that needs to be addressed. There is a loss of morals, values, and honor. Only once it is rediscovered, will people start feeling fulfilled again. We need to love one another. Invest in each other. Forgive each other. Respect one another. Be kind. Be tenderhearted. Give grace and mercy when it’s needed. We need to start eradicating poverty. Physical poverty. And emotion

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