Anti-porn Group Joins Effort to Free Saberi

Journalist Roxana Saberi has made international headlines for weeks after her imprisonment in Iran for alleged espionage.

The North Dakota native and graduate of Northwestern and Cambridge was initially jailed for buying a bottle of wine before it grew into the larger, more serious charges. Saberi launched a hunger strike which ended this week when an Iranian court agreed to hear an appeal.

Undoubtedly international pressure played a role in Iran’s decision. A Christian-based anti-pornography group is joining the effort to keep the pressure on Iran for Saberi’s release.

Girls Against Porn, which seeks to educate Americans about the dangers of pornography both the to the women involved in it and its predominantly male audience, is helping promote an international campaign to free Saberi.

The campaign encourages people to use its links to e-mail Iranian embassies and the United Nations. It includes encouraging flooding the UN and the embassies with green envelopes included with respectful notes urging Saberi’s release.

Linking to effort raises the profile of Girls Against Porn, which public relations director Brittany Glynn says in an effort, in part, to make parents aware of the online dangers and pervasiveness of pornography and sexual dangers.

“We need parents to be aware of the danger that their children are in being exposed to pornography and learning about sex through pornography,” she said. “Children are also at an all time high rate for sexual predators online. Parents need to take their territory while they have a chance. They need to be aware of what their children are viewing, who their children are with.

“Most importantly, they need to communicate and ask their children very specific questions on a regular basis keeping those doors of communication open at all times. If we do not do this as parents, our next generation will pay.”


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