Are You Anxious Today?

I’m thinking about YOU today.

Are you anticipating your week? Wondering how you’ll get it all done?

Whether you’ll be able to keep all those appointments?

Whether you’ll have time to prepare all those sit down dinners?

I’m wondering what you’re anxious about today?

Are you thinking that Phil 4:6 “Do not be anxious about anything,” is one of those “yeah but,” verses. Yeah but, does anyone really do this? Yeah but, how can God expect me not to be anxious about anything?”

You say, I’m tired of worrying, but I just can’t stop.

God whispers, “You can trust me.”


Stop your worrying and obsessing about things only I have control over.

Don’t be anxious anymore. Don’t you know THIS is my command?

Don’t you believe I can get the job done?

I’ll take care of it. I’ve already written the ending to this story.

Let it go.

Even though you think your problem is big, your issues don’t match up to the cross.

Go play and rejoice in me. Tell everyone about Me. Tell everyone what a great daddy you have–A heavenly daddy that takes the worry away.

When you trust me, I will take your worry and replace it with my peace, my love, my hope, and my joy.

Don’t you know what I want for you?

I want your mind to dwell on things that are excellent, lovely, pure, and praise worthy. Are you doing this right now?

I don’t want you to stare at your problems. That only makes things worse. Dwelling on your problems, glorifies your problems. Dwelling on me, brings glory to MY Name and satisfaction to YOU.

Don’t you remember that with me you can do ALL things (see Phil. 4:13)?

So girls, the next time worry creeps into our day, our week, our month, we’ll say…

“Here’s my problem God. I know you’ll do what’s best. I trust you to handle the big and the small. I WILL allow my worry to shape my prayers, not my fears. I will rejoice over the fact that I gave my worry to you and I don’t have to carry it anymore.”

Because THIS is how our daddy wants His baby girls to live.

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