Are You Ready for Battle?

What do you think of when you think of a soldier? In our recent days it would be the troops across seas. In my mind I think of someone brave, courageous and strong. Someone that would be able to face and teary obstacles and adversities that come their way. Upon facing war, these soldiers put on their equipment and protective gear; from there combat boots to the helmets on their head. As we know these soldiers need to be in great physical shape to carry and withstand the fight.

We as Christians are at war too, a spiritual war, and we are soldiers for God, and we need to be ready mentally and physically. The similarity between the war on this world and the war unseen is that we also need to be brave, courageous, and strong. We need to be able to withstand adversities, temptation, and the many tests that are thrown are way from both sides. To be ready… God said to put on the “breastplate of Righteousness the “helmet of Salvation” and the “sword of the Spirit” (Ephesians 6:10-17). For these things and many others we need to be spiritually and physically ready. In this case we care for our spirit with worship; we also need to care for our bodies to carry out the cause. Love your body as God loves the church.

When I look around my church I see friends and family, I also see a sanctuary full of soldiers. We need to be ready to fight the good fight, and without your health how will you be able to do the will of God? So, take a walk today, drink an extra glass of water, pick up something grilled not fried, love your body, because u love him.

Are you ready? Take your position.

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