Be Still Before the LORD

“Be still before the LORD, and wait patiently for Him.” — Psalm 37:7

I am sitting here at my desk, checking my emails and my bank account, etc, before my day really gets started, and I have realized how utterly quiet it is.

Hubby has left for work already, and the dogs are asleep on the couch, and though I am right next to the French doors that lead out to our deck, I hear virtually nothing.

Well, that's not quite right. I hear the birds. They are chirping with total urgency in whatever it is they are saying! I can also hear just the slightest hint of soft wind. I see the sunrise, with a bit of pinkish color to it, announcing another 'almost spring' day. I can also hear a wee bit of traffic noise, from somewhere far away from our house.

So there is God. He is who the birds are singing to. It is His voice I hear whispering in the wind. It is His hand painting the sky for my enjoyment. And He uses the traffic noise to remind me that there is life and love and needs out there, beyond my own door.

If I am still for just a few minutes, He is here. Of course He is ALWAYS here, but He is here communicating with me. If I am patient, He reveals how He is here, and what precious gifts He is bringing to me.

Our God is a God to be appreciated, to be enjoyed. What a sweet sense of peace is washing over me right now, at this moment. Because I am still basking in the warmth of His presence, and in the very real thankfulness that He has chosen to bless me so early this morning. It is the day that the LORD has made, and I will indeed rejoice in it! My prayer is that you will too.

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