How Should Christians Respond to Israel?

I’ve been reading a great book lately by John Hagee, “In Defense of Israel” and it really has me in deep prayer for Israel.  I have always known, due to the teachings at my church, the importance of supporting Israel but this book has really opened my eyes to several things.

First, it is our mandate as believers to support Israel.  Israel is at the root of our Christianity.  Without God’s children we wouldn’t be in the position of being able to spend eternity in heaven.  This especially rings true when I consider my position as a Gentile.  Even though I am not one of Israel’s descendants I have been adopted into His kingdom, what a wonderful truth!

Second, Jesus comes from Israel.  Those are His descendants and are the basis for His life on earth and His ascension into heaven.  Jesus was Jewish and we should honor this heritage.

Third, the Old Testament lays the groundwork through the children of Israel for what would eventually become the New Testament.  I know that many people find reading the Old Testament difficult but when you get hold of the fact that it is the foundation for our faith in Christ, you will want to soak it up.

The Bible tells us we are to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.  Israel should be in your prayers and we should have a desire within to see them protected.  There is a lot of chaos going on in the Middle East and while we have our eyes on that, we need to be remembering Israel and keeping them close in our hearts.

We also should be praying for our President and his administration to always seek to be Israel’s ally.  We will be a nation cursed if we do not. 

So what should be the Christian’s response to Israel?  To cherish and love them as God does.

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