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On the day God calls us home, we will leave behind two things. If you have kids, you will pass onto them your DNA. The second thing we leave behind…

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As kids, most of us dream about what we want to be when we grow up. Even as toddlers, boys play with trucks, cars and fireman, dreaming of the day…

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First loves are almost never forgotten. Even if it was nothing too special, that first love can still be recalled decades later. What about that first in love in Christ?…

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We've all heard stories of Christian persecution. Christians throughout the world are persecuted daily for taking a stand for their beliefs, especially in predominantly Muslim countries. Although it’s not as…

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In the Mark 8, Jesus is in Bethsaida. A blind man is brought to Him and through a series of events, Jesus restores the blind man's sight. In the very…

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Remember the story of  Jesus walking on water? There was more to it than just that one part. In the story, told in Mark:6:45-52, Mark makes it clear that Jesus told His…

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